Deinonychus Pack (PYTHNUT), is a pack of 12 Dromeosaurus, 5 male and 7 female. They range from 6-15ft long (2-5m), 4-8ft tall(2m), and 100-200 kilograms. Their leader, Raja, is shown by having more feathers than the other raptors, and with something special: throat feathers. This gives it an elderly appearence, and the females have hair-like feather-dreadlocks to act as hair.


As a whole pack, they are much more powerful that a single Male T-Rex-U. With their bladed toeclaw, hook fingers, and serrated teeth. They can match up to a family of T-Rex-U in a pack. Their trademark move is the Clever Pounce, and they love to use it against large prey such as Brachiosaurus. When the whole pack uses it at once, it gives off such a shock wave on the body it can quite literally disintegrate creatures such as Spinosaurus.


But as one creature, they are very weak. Their Clever Pounce can only one hit kill Young Velociraptors as a single being. They have weak jaws, but as mentioned before, their teeth make up for it. Besides that, they are wonderful creatures.

Pack Gallery

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