Tsi chou


Dr. Chang was a scientist of InGen's Site B Team. He is a geneticist and bioinformatition.

You are free to use this information for your fanfictions.


Not much is known about this character from canonial material. In the novel The Lost World a certain "Chang" helped decoding the sequence of a Gallimimus gene. Two emails were send to Dr. Henry Wu from "CC/D-P. Jenkins". It could be that "CC" is an abbreviation of C. Chang. In which case Chang's first name started with a C.


I chose Daniel Dae Kim to portray Dr. Chang because he is Easter Asian. He also played in the Lost series and Hawaii Five-0, which both take place on Hawaii. Because of this, there are a lot of pictures of Kim in Hawaiian jungle. Kim also played a scientist in The Andromeda Strain series (an adaptation of a Crichton novel).



Pictures of Dr. Chang at work:

Dr. Chang after work:

Dr. Chang in the jungle of Site B:

When things get tough

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