Dilophospinus was a toy in the Jurassic Park: Chaos Effect toy line, produced by Kenner. It is a mix of Spinosaurus and Dilophosaurus. It also has a device on its back, probably to help in controlling the animal. Unfortunately, it was never released by Kenner.

By Hellraptor

Dilophospinus Name meaning: Double-crested Spine

Length: 4–6 m Height: 2 m Weight: 400-500 kilos Mix between Dilophosaurus and Spinosaurus

This is the first hybrid that is remote controlled for ultimate control and obedience. This vicious hunter is perfect for fast kill, especially on distance since it venom has been improved, its now like corrosive acid. Three were bred but contact has been lost with one of them. It may be malfunction on the control device, leaving that one uncontrolled.

Dilaphospinus - Tembo 2 pack

The toy was designed as part of a 2-pack. It was to come with a new sculpted Tembo figure. He would come with a remote control unit that for some crazy reason has a huge serrated blade on the end of it.

Another secret about the toy: The thing on his back is the poison reservoir. You see, Dilaphospinus was engineered to use the sails on his back to collect UV rays from the sun to increase the lethality of his poison. And the device would collect it, and save it to use in mass quantities at once. In the toy, it would be a rubber bladder that is trapped between his body mold/device and you would dunk it and suck in water, and then squeeze the rubber bladder to squirt "poison" out of his mouth. Ingenious, no? I thought so.

- B.E.

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