After the attack,everything is silent except for breathing.


Male Deltadromeus.

The group can finally have peace and quiet.

5 hours later.......

Something moves at the speed of lighting.

It happens again.

This time,a loud roar is heard.

Billy says "Deltadromeus?"

Grant says "I think so."

The dinosaur reveals itself.

The Delta Runner calls for it's pack.

Soon six Deltadromeus have blocked off the cave.

Just a male is about to take a bite,a six-foot long green skull grabs the dinosaur.

The male Tyrannosaurus Rex has arrived and crushes the helpless Deltadromeus.


Female Deltadromeus'.

A female bites the King's leg,but is shaken off rather quickly.

The pack flees.

The second largest carnivourus dinosaur leaves with his prize.

Ellie says "Probably going back to the nest.Now Deltadromeus."

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