Megalodon attacking the plane.

Grant looks back at all the dinosaurs,and leaves for this "paradise".

Little does he know that the "paradise" will be deadly.

A large island,a tad bigger than Isla Sorna is shown.

Ellie says "Is that the paradise?"

Grant says "I don't know."

Megalodon jumps out the water and crushes the plane.

The plane falls onto Isla Tyrannus.

"Isla Tyrannus,named after the Tyrant Reptile King,Tyrannosaurus Rex."Billy quotes.

The pilot died in the attack.

A Male Tyrannosaurus Rex eats Lewis Dodgeson.

Tim says "That looks like the one in Jurassic Park."

Giganotosaurus approaches the King.

The male goes back to the nest while the female battles the Giant Southern Reptile.

The South American Monster bites the T.rex's neck,and it slowly loses it's grip.

The monsters roar loudly at each other.

The Giant Southern Reptile slashes the Tyrant Reptile King with it's arms.

The King roars loudly and whacks it with his tail.

The Giganotosaurus steps back after the tail swipe,and crushes a tourist who had mangaged to get on the island.

Paul and Amanda Kirby call for Eric,thinking he's dead.

Eric comes back.

The King bites the Monster's neck.

The huge dinosaur falls to the ground,and feels it's organs been ripped apart this very moment.

The Giganotosaurus dies.

Tyrannosaurus Rex roars in victory and takes it somewhere.

Grant says "Let's invesitgate."

They find 12 babies.

There is a family of Tyrannosaurus on the island.

They find the ripped carcass of Giganotosaurus at the nest.

The 43ft long dinosaur's pack members growl at the 50ft long dinosaur.

With no chance of scaring a Tyrannosaurus away,the pack retreats.

A loud roar is heard across the island.

The roar is from a Spinosaurus fishing.

A claw slash and a pained roar are heard.

The carcass of a Parasaurolophus is shown with bite and claw marks.

The Spinosaurus about to eat the Parasaurolophus.

It's herd mourns it and runs away.

The same Spinosaurus appears and feeds on the carcass.

A cave is shown.

The Hadrosaur's remains are shown.

The Spinosaurus takes a nap in it's cave.

Amanda said "Easy Guess."

A herd of Camptosaurus is walking peacefully.

Herbivores all of a sudden begin dieing.

First the Allosaurus killing Camptosaurus.

Torvosaurus vs Lusotitan.

Then Carcharodontosaurus kills Ouranosaurus and Paralitian,Giganotosaurus kills Argentinosaurus,Tyrannosaurus Rex mother and father killing an Amphicoelias,Torvosaurus killing Lusotitan,Megalosaurus killing Igunuadon,Igunuadon killing Megalosaurus,Wait,What?

Tarbosaurus killing Thezirnosaurus,Saurophagnax killing Apatosaurus,and a Torvosaurus fighting Allosaurus.


Torvosaurus fighting Allosaurus.

The Lion of the Jurassic slashes The Tiger of the Jurassic with it's arms.

The Tiger knocks the Lion over and bites it's nuts.

Then the Torvosaurus clamps down on the Allosaurus's ribs,and breaks them.

The Savage Reptile stomps on the Other Reptile's crushed ribs.

With 7 tons(14,000lbs) of force,the Savage Reptile cracks the Other Reptile's ribs,injuring it.

Torvosaurus slams it's arms with 950lbs of force into Allosaurus's sides,busting it open.

Allosaurus bites the Torvosaurus's throat.

Torvosaurus grabs the Other Reptile with his claws,and throws it.

Allosaurus feels 30,000 newtons of pressure from the Torvosaurus's jaws on his skull,feels his skull being crushed, and her life force passing away.

The male Torvosaurus roars in victory and eats the Allosaurus and sleeps in it's new territory.

Ian says"Great,now a Torvosaurus!".

Leaves fall off trees as Seismosaurus and Sauropoisden feed.

Their peace is interrupted by a pair of Acrocanthosaurus and a pack of 11 Deinonychus.

The theropods roar loudly at the sauropods.

Acrocanthosaurus pair attacking Seismosaurus.

The High-Spined Reptile pair jumps on the Earthquake Reptile.

The Atoka County Carcharodontosaurs tear open large gashes in the New Mexican Sauropod with their 70 6-inch long teeth and 10-inch long talons.

The pack of Terrible Claw jump on the Early Cretacous Sauropod and begin to rip it open.

The Sauroposiden crushes one of the 11 Deinonychus with it's 100-ton weight.

This angers the pack,and they kill the huge dinosaur.


Deinonychus pack feeding on Sauroposiden.

The Deinonychus pack roar loudly and feed on the Sauroposiden.

The Seismosaurus brings it's neck and tail forward,and they hit the two Acrocanthosaurus's ribs.

The Acrocanthosaurus pair roar in pain.

The pair sees their chance.

While the huge sauropod is standing on it's hind legs,the theropods jump on the Earthquake Reptile's side.

The guts of the Seismosaurus spill out,and they kill it.

The Acrocanthosaurus roar in victory and eat their prize.

Ellie says"What! Now Acrocanthosaurus and Deinonychus!"

The Male Tyrannosaurus Rex is hunting down an Andesaurus when a male Carcharodontosaurus approaches.

The two best dinosaurs ever bare their teeth and roar loudly,ready for a fight.

The African Terror clamps down hard on the King of the Dinosaur's neck and ALMOST snaps it,but fails.

The Shark-Toothed Reptile slashes the Tyrant Reptile King with his arms.

The King slams his tail into the African Dinosaur very hard.

He slamps it multiple times,and kncoks his competition down.

The Carcharodontosaurus gets up,but the Tyrannosaurus trips it with his tail.

The King falls down when the Shark-Toothed Reptile headbutts it.

The Carcharodontosaurus bites the T.Rex's neck.

The fallen King trips the Carcharodontosaurus with his tail and legs.

Then the King crushes his comptition's throat,killing it.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex roars in victory and takes the Carcharodntosaurus to the nest to feed.

The group runs into a fighting Giganotosaurus and Spinosaurus.

Grant says"That's the leader of the pack we saw."

The Spine Reptile slashes the Giant Southern Reptile with her claws.

Spinosaurus bites Giganotosaurus's back,but relases it's grip.

Spinosaurus biting Giganotosaurus's back.

The angered dinosaur proceeds to rip off a part of the Spinosaurus's sail.

The Spinosaurus bites the Giganotosaurus's neck,but she loses her grip.

Giganotosaurus bites and slashes Spinosaurus's sides and flanks.

Spinosaurus roars in pain as blood spills.

The Spinosaurus goes for a fatal blow to the brain,and she misses,her teeth and claws only scratching it.

The Giganotosaurus bites Spinosaurus's neck,and pushes her down.

Keeping his jaws on the neck,The Giant Southern Reptile rips open Spinosaurus's belly.

Then,it gets worse,at the same time Giganotosaurus stomps 8.8 tons(16,800lbs) on her head and breaks her neck.

Spinosaurus's skull is shattered as Giganotosaurus roars in victory.

The Giganotosaurus pack feeds on the carcass of Spinosaurus.

Grant says"Now Giganotosaurus."

A Maiasaura herd is grazing peacefully.

"Finally some peace and quiet"Paul Kriby quoted.

They sleep in an abandoned InGen building.

When they wake up,they have no idea what will happen next.....

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