cyber park is a all new adventure.

Emmett(cyberwolf) and his brother fly to isla nublar after brennan is hired because of his gift and paleontilogical degree. after they land the beetle, they are greeted by ingen. brennan decides to go on a spy mission to find out about the park before things go wrong.



a cool robot boy from the 80's.

he wears adef leppard and the women of doom t shirt and and empi jacket. he has long brown 80's hair,a walkman,motorola phone,acid washed jeans and converse shoes.

brennan. emmett's brother. he can communicate with prehistoric organisims. he has dinosaur eyes,a long dinosaur tounge, claws,teeth that gow back contantly like a shark, and the ability to transform into any prehistoric reptile. he is a paleontologist. he wears acid washed jeans.

kelsey. kelsey is Emmetts girlfriend.

she is an overwheight feline girl with cat ears and a cat tail along with cat paws.

she wears a green madonna shirt and short shorts with yellow converse.

Emmett's car

Emmett's car is the vehicle they use to fly to the island.

it is a modified 1975 vw beetle.

it was modified for flight like the delorean from back to the future.

it has a tape player and big speakers in the back.

it has a modified hemi engine.

it is cyan with a black interior,custom wheels a right side running board matte beige fenders (except the front left fender) and a dented rear fender.

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