Tyrannosaurs (meaning "Tyrant reptiles") are a group of Carnosaurs that lived from the Late Jurassic to the Late Cretaceous (160-65 million years ago).Here are some examples.The "Big Five" Tyrannosaurs are Tyrannosaurus,Tarbosaurus,Albertosaurus,Daspletosaurus,and Gorgosaurus.They are all in the Superfamily Tyrannosauroidea.

Tyrannosaurus Rex:Tyrannosaurus Rex Ultimus.Means "Terrible Tyrant Reptile King."

Daspletosaurus Torosus:A smaller Tyrannosaur,meaning  "Frightful reptile".

Albertosaurus Sarcophagus:A smaller Tyrannosaur,living with Tyrannosaurus,meaning "Alberta Reptile"

Tarbosaurus Bataar:The second Largest Tyrannosaur,only beat by T.rex.Means "Alarming reptile"

Dilong Paradoxus:A feathered relative of Tyrannosaurus,once thought to be a baby T.rex!Means "Emporer Dragon"

Guanlong Wucaii:Another feathered relative of Tyrannosaurus.Means "Crown Dragon".

Gorgosaurus Libratus:Another small Tyrannosaur,about 20-35ft long (6-11m).Means "Fierce Reptile"

Dryptosaurus Aqiulungius:A close relative of Albertosaurus and Tyrannosaurus.Means "To tear reptile."

Raptorex Kriegsteini:A relative of Dromeosaurs and is surprisly a Tyrannosaur!Means "Robber King"

Yutyrannus Huail:A feathered relative of Tyrannosaurus,this time,a bit bigger than Dilong and Guanlong.Means "Feathered Tyrant."

A-Rex:  A-Rex (T100)

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