Cardinals poster

Cardinals poster




Known for:Strong bite,unusual head shape.


Location:Isla Rotrak,Foggy Jungle.



So,Simon Masrani & Dr.Wu found a new island never knew before-Isla Rotrak. Of course they built a lab there,but this time they wanted something...unusual. So they started creating Dinos with unusual color,some Dinos were smaller than their species,some were bigger. Cardinal is one of them.

Episode 1:Cardinals B-Day

Cardinal was born. The workers placed him in his paddock and gave him food. 1 year later,the park is open,and Cardinal is already a teenager.

Episode 2:Breakout=

After 30 minutes, a lightning strikes in a building where the workers control the energy,and of course,the energy shut down. The dinosaurs escaped and started a rampage.

Episode 3:Cardinals first kill

When the rescue car arrived a group of five people entered the car. The car drove 2 meters calmly,but then Cardinal saw the car and started chasing it. Everyone shouted and Cardinal reached the car and flipped it over. He ate everybody in there.

Episode 4:Leaving the dinosaurs alone

After an hour of rampage the survivors pushed the entrance so hard it opened (the survivors were-Simon Williams,Mars Soyer,Danny Finn,Simon Masrani,Dr.Wu,Alex Williams,Kate Williams,Sally Smith,Mary Peterson). Alex grabbed a flare gun and shot in the air. A helicopter flew to their place and picked them. The nightmare was over.

Episode 5:Cardinal finds his place

After the park was empty,all dinosaurs walked. Nobody attacked each other,everything was so peaceful. Cardinal,Cinder,Ragnarok and Bertha went to the Foggy Jungle. Some say that all the dinosaurs still come back to the park at the same time and actually talk to each other.

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