Barbaricus Rex, meaning Barbaric King, is a hybrid dinosaur theropod that was created as a new attraction for visitors to the Lost World Park. It was created from the genes of several dinosaurs; Baryonyx, Velociraptor and Carnotaurus.

It has the razor sharp claws of a Raptor, on both it's feet and hands, The Feathery quills of the raptor are also present. The horns of a carnatauras grow above it's eyes. It has an unusual mouth; one mixed between the snub nose of the latter and the long mouth of a Baryonyx. As the name suggests it is extremely barbaric and savage, ripping anything that moves apart. It has a moderately loud cry that sounds like a deeper variation of the raptor call. It grows to roughly 11m long and is usually between 3 and 4m tall. While males grow long black feathers with red tips, females grow shorter grey feathers with white tips.

Due to their exceptionally violent attitude to other living creatures, they must be housed alone.

On the 12th of January 2027, the Barbaricus home was opened to the public, after a year of research and DNA experiments and a further 2 months of construction. 3 Barbaricus Rexs reside in their seperate enclosures, dubbed 'The kingdom of the new age', there are 2 females and a male, called Sara, Mira and Barbon respectively. The enclosure is a large metal building with 3 seperate enclosures with walkways above, rainforest humidity is simulated and the enclosures have a river in each of them along with a variety of prehistoric plants. Each enclosure is a square oblong shape with roughly 200 square meters of space each.

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