"That bird was gargantuan! It was as big as a japanese monster! I did not even know that it is biologically possible for such a bird to get so doggone big!"-unnamed tourist describing what he saw

Barataopteryx was a giant carnivorus bird that lived in the eocene times. An average adult is proportionally larger than brachiosaurus.

Appearance and traits

Barataopteryx was proportionally twice as large as brachiosaurus, which is not normal for other large birds. It had long scaly legs, a feathery head crest, a toothed beak, and small wings that had a single claw on each. Its brain was the size of a man, yet the huge bird was unintelligent. Barataopteryx's face lacked in feathers, so that when it ate meat, no feathers would be stained in blood. Surprisingly, despite its looks, barataopteryx was not related to any modern day elephant birds like ostriches. Unusually, it was related to the hummingbirds, of wich it looked nothing like. The gastric acids inside its stomach were twice as corrosive as battery acid.Superscaryguy 20:15, October 6, 2011 (UTC)

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