Shortly after Grant and the others arrive at Jurassic Park all the dinosaurs randomly transform into cyborg dinosaurs with rocket launchers on their backs. Dr. Sattler runs into a cyborg Spinosaurus that vaporizes her by shooting lasers out of its eyes. A cyborg Therizinosaurus then farts on Malcolm, shoots him with a machine gun, and rakes him on his claws. The therizinosaur then turns into Freddy Kruger and goes around murdering children in their dreams. In response, John Hammond creates millions and millions of Dr. Grant clones that eat the rest of the personnel on Jurassic Park. A T-Rex and his raptor minions come and he orders his raptor minions to poop all over the Grant clones. Outraged by the destruction of his Grant clones, Hammond clones an army of 100 Allosaurus, 30 Spinosaurus, 80 Velociraptors, 200 Deinonychus, 400 T-Rexes, 1000 Acrocanthosaurus, 1,000,000 Utahraptors, 200,000,000 Giganotosaurus, 5,000 dragons, and an infinite number of evil robots to destroy the planet. Commanding this brutal army was Hammond's most dangerous weapon, his ex-mother-in-law. The End!

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