Dr. Alan Grant is a world renowned Paleontologist; that was one of the main survivors to the incident at Jurassic Park on the island known as Isla Nublar. He is also the father of YouTube survivalist Aaron Grant.

Return From Isla Sorna

After his incident on the island of Isla Sorna; Alan returned with the US NAVY and Marine Corps, where they landed in Miami, Florida. They released him without being charged due to being vouched for by the Kirby family and he continued working on his studies.

Return to Isla Nublar

After several years of research; the Army came to him with a mission to retrieve a secret document that was located in the Visitor Center of the old Jurassic Park establishment. He was apart of a covert operational group known as "The Resurrection Team" and was sent on the island via parachute.

The group continued throughout the jungle and managed to arrive at an emergency bunker where they stayed the night. The next morning; they were on their way towards the center; unfortunately they were attacked by a pack of Homo Erectus. Alan was smart enough to run; however he was pursued an Erectus and stopped him by shooting his gun in the air. Despite his group being killed; Alan was worshipped by the Homo Erectus as a god and remained that way for the next several years.

Weapons & Equipment

Alan was equiped with multiple forms of equipment that he used during his mission with The Resurrection Team.

  • Beretta 92SB: Alan was issued a Beretta 92SB in order to protect himself on the mission.

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