Dr. Alan Grant is one of the main characters and heroes of Jurassic Park who survived the event of the first movie. He marries Ellie Sattler sometime after the San Diego Incedent. 

Alan Grant
Vital statistics
Title Paleontologist
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction N/A
Health N/A
Level N/A
Status Alive
Location N/A

Jurassic Park (1990 Novel)

Early Tim & Lexnovelwikiphotfanon

Concept art of Grant, Tim, and Lex, based on the novel; however, Grant does pnot have a beard.

Jurassic Park (1993 Film)

DVDPlay 2009-05-23 16-46-04-22velociraptorescapemuesuem

Alan, Ellie, Lex and Tim

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