671px-Jp Chaos Effect Therizinstegus by hellraptor

The Hybrid.

On Isla Tyrannus,a hybrid roams:Therzinistegus.

A 45ft long(13m) long,21ft tall(6m),and weighed about 11.9 tons(21,900lbs).

It had a bite force of 45,000 newtons.

The hybrid goes off to hunt down some Gastonia.

One of the Gastys attacks the huge hybrid.

The Gastonia uses it's tail scissors to cut a hole in the creature's legs.

Angered,the Therzinistegus uses it's massive hands to flip the ankylosaur over and stabs it with it's tail.

The Gastonia tries one last attempt to kill the hybrid,but fails and gets a fatal neck snap.The Therzinistegus roars in victory and takes it to the nest to feed.

The Thezirnistegus babies mean More Hybrids......

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