This is an idea for a comedy based on the first Jurassic Park film.

It starts like the movie with Muldoon and the employees moving The Big One into the quarantine pen. As they raise the gate, The Big One escapes the crate, knocking an employee off and pulling him in. As he gets eaten, the employee says "Dammit, I was supposed to retire this week".

It then skips to Gennaro on a raft, heading toward shore, when one of the hyspanic guys on the shore shouts something loudly, which startles Gennaro so he falls off the raft. "I told you he would fall", he says to another guy in Spanish. "But you made him fall", the other guy says. "Shut up! I won the bet, so you have to give me a million dollars!". "You bastard! Why the hell did you do that?", Gennaro shouts.

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