Male Oxalaia.

Grant wakes up and sees the Maiasaura herd.

An Irritator- like roar is heard.

Grant says"What the heck was that?"

A brightly colored Spinosaur appears:Oxalaia Quilobemsis,the third largest carnivorus dinosaur.

It stares down a Maiasaura and chases it to something.

An even brighter Oxalaia appears and snaps the prey's neck.

Eight baby Oxalaia, four male and four

Baby Oxalaia.

female squeal for food.

Nearby,the rest wake up and see a large nest.

The Oxalaia family feed.

Much later,A Tarbosaurus appears and challanges our male to a duel.

The male agrees.

The Alarming Reptile bites the Brazilian Spinosaur's neck and supposedly snaps it.

The Tarbosaurus is about to take a chunk out of the Oxalaia when the fallen male smacks it with his arms.

The Asian Tyrannosaur clamps down on the Brazilian Spinosaur's leg,and shakes it.

The Tarbosaurus is kicked off as it goes for a sail rip.

Foot-long sail spikes impale the Tarbosaurus.

The Oxalaia bites the downed dinosaurs neck,and knocks it out.

The Oxalaia breaks the Tarbosaurus's neck with his foot.

The Oxalaia roars in victory and the family feeds.

Grant says "WHAT! More Carnivores! Is InGen trying to kill us!"

The female Oxalaia slashes and bites an unsuspecting InGen worker,as the BioSyn workers that came died.

Female Oxalaia.

The worker crawls,but the babies kill it.

The family feeds once more.

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