The Tyrannosaurus Rex mother and baby.

Hammond says"You might remeber this creature from a while ago.'

Robert Muldoon comes up and says"We should have never done this!"

"Hello,Robert",Hammond said.

Hammond says"Let me introduce you to Velociraptor!"

Muldoon says"We have to cut this short,our T.rexes have offspring."

Ellie says"WHAT!"


The Velociraptor pen.

The Raptor pack quickly kills and feeds on a cow.

The King's offspring roar softly into their new world.

The group says"Aww,They're so cute!"

Muldoon says"Yep,cute hatchlings that grow into 50 foot killers."

The feathered chicks slowly walk out of the nest,exploring their new world for the very first time in a month.

The Velociraptor pack and the Tyrannosaurus Rex family sleep.

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